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Welcome to My Website!

This is my website where I'll post things about myself and stuff I'm doing or writing when I'm bored and procrastinating from university work!

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  • 19/07/24 - New blog post, the sun was out and its way too hot, i think i'll be happy today
  • 17/07/24 - New blog post, university you've succeeded. you've taken my money and all my happiness too.
  • 14/07/24 - New blog post, did a lil bit of drawing in my notebook
  • 13/07/24 - New blog post, just a lil update on what i've been doing on the website recently
  • 07/07/24 - New journal entry, How It Is to Dream - a shorter entry than usual regarding the sense of aimlessness i've been feeling of late
  • 05/07/24 - New blog post, nothing big, just recent stuff, also fixed the popups that got messed up at some point and i didn't even notice
  • 01/07/24 - New blog post, a good start to the new month
  • 01/07/24 - New update to the blog page, added ability to switch between recent entries and past months
  • 27/06/24 - New blog post, london heat and my visit to the hospital
  • 25/06/24 - New blog post, todays post is about my degree and some things i've been feeling recently
  • 23/06/24 - New blog post, made some progress in games, made a revelation, decent day
  • 22/06/24 - New blog post, lagging behind
  • 19/06/24 - New blog post, hospitals and dragon quest
  • 16/06/24 - New journal entry, this ones about making and having a website and what it means to me
  • 12/06/24 - New blog post, paracetamol time, yay.
  • 11/06/24 - New blog post, ouch.
  • 10/06/24 - New blog post, my memory is kinda blurred writing this one
  • 07/06/24 - New blog post, got a little camera!
  • 06/06/24 - Created a blog page! Hopefully I remember to update it :p