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Website Updates

Website Construction Plans

Website Construction Updates

01.06.24 Added first bit of javascript to the blog page to enable different months to be seen seperately

23.06.24 Overhauled the about me page, still not done but a lot of progress :)

16.06.24 Added a new guestbook, will probably tweak it a bit somemore later

11.06.24 Added a little 'recent updates' box to the home page

06.06.24 Added a blog page, will most likely change layout at some point

23.05.24 Added a little namazu at the bottom of the home page

22.04.24 Making minor tweaks all across the website, now I have more time, hopefully I can add more, tbh this website is kinda barren

14.03.24 new background image!! looks more colourful and brighter, i think the font looks more readable too

01.03.24 added a journal page, I want to do more to it but idk what

01.02.24 added a status box

30.01.24 added guestbook and some more stuff to homepage

29.01.24 RAHHHHHHH FINALLY DID MY ABOUT ME!!!!! (not fully but most of it) RAHHHHH

29.01.24 added some stuff to my about me page, but nothing of real substance, im getting cooked by this cold; i'll add images for hyperlinks later, i'll probably make them on my own

26.01.24 added another new background - still up to change, also finally got around to fixing??? the sidebar to the best of my ability

24.01.24 added new background - i liked it at first but it looks kinda goofy if im being totally honest, maybe ill change it or at the very least add some things to it

24.01.24 added scrollbar - wow amazing what i can get done at 3:30 am when i have nothing to do, absolutely magical